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Saturday is another bridesmaid dress outting. We are also trying to find decorations and such since AC Moore is having a sale. I haven't updated here in a while. Bad Me. Toys r us cut my hours so I was forced to find a new job. Which I finally did. The pay is so much better however the hours aren't so good at first. I work 4 to 12:30 am for 90 days then I can put in for earlier shifts. Oh well we need the money and I figure it won't be THAT bad. I just hate that I won't be able to see Andy as much because he doesn't go in till 12pm and he gets of at 8:30pm :/ I just keep saying it's only for 90 days.

I've started Yoga Booty Ballet and so far I've lost 4 pounds and a couple inches and I can definitley feel the muscle building up. Which I really need. I was so weak before, I could barely lift a gallon of milk haha.

Anywho, That is all for now.
♥ Alli

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Pft. Toys R Us sounds like it was a lame job anyhow. Then again, I have it out for all retail jobs. The job I had all through college left me filled with a burning hatred for stupid customers and minimum wage. >_>

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