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Haven't updated in awhile... what has happened..
Well my maid of honor/best friend Mallory dumped me. Wrote me this long ass email about how she was the only one putting anything into our friendship and she was tired of everyones excuses blahblahblah,. Sounded like there was more to it than her just being mad at me. But anywho. I've moved on. Andy wrote her an email and everyone basically said what I already knew for awhile, I'm better off without her. So my sisternlaw Ashly was promoted to matron of honor :) Her dress came in and looks gorgeous, as well as my niece's jr bridemaid dress. I will have to post pictures whenever I get them.
Andy finally asked his last groomsmen so now we get to get the tuxes done.

Still haven;t reserved the cruise and now I hear there are terrorist alerts out on them >.<

I've been in the ER all day. The nerve down my back and my ass is inflammed so i've been in pain for days with that. Not being able to walk or put pressure on my left leg. It sucks. But they gave me some meds and I'm about to pass out now. Should be good in about 3 days. I have a note for work but I was unable to call them today because of being in the ER and I can;t find my supervisors damn number. Hopefully that shows up soon.

Now I'm going to bed.


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