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The husband and I went to get the oil changed to day and do some christmas browesing. We are trying to get ideas of what to get everyone on our list for xmas. Not going so good. Only have a few gifts we are certain of. The rest NO CLUE. I know somethings that I am getting from Andy though because I picked them out and was with him to pay haha. He got me betsey johnson candy sock giftset and another betsey johnson sock set. I have a huge obession with socks and have many differently halloween socks. Socks make me happy! He also got me a straightener since mine doesn't heat anymore. Its the bedhead purple one, I'm assuming its decent and I didn't want him to spend a small fortune on it and it was on sale so YAY. Now I can have straight hair for the new year. Oh I bleached my hair and it looks really good. At first it was orange fading into blonde at the roots which looked awesome but I bleached the rest of the red out so now I only have slight orange brassyness. Its really soft though, not much damage to it other than normal wear and tear. I desperatly need it thinned out and cut. Andy is getting a haircut soon too, this is what he is going for YUM! That would be Craig Horner aka Richard Cypher aka SEXY MAN!
I am very sad legend of the seeker did not come on today I looked forward to my craig horner goodness all week and then either it did not air or gd tivo decided it didn't care for the show. ARRRGH.
Um... I think thats about it from me tonight.


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