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I finally have a job! I started training at Toys R Us this week and Friday I start working the register, yay!
I'm a part time seasonal associate. It seems like it is going to be fun.


Other than that not much has happened. Halloween kind of sucked because I trained and he had to work. We spend the night before getting our costumes ready because we figured we would do something to wear them Halloween night but his jacket for Dante ended up being pepto pink and it was too late to do anything really. He got off at 7 and I got off at 5:50 something so I went home and got my costume on. It was quite awesome if I do say so myself even if I didn't have the complete outfit. I found a skirt after work at the goodwill so I didnt have to make one and I got some shorts from walmart and black wig from target then I had my white collared shirt and knee high boots. However I couldn't find the boots anywhere when I got home so I wore my stripped boots. I found a toy gun at KMART and painted it to look more realistic and attached it to my skirt. It was a pretty thrown together lady at the last min. but I liked it. No pictures though. I couldnt find the cameras we bought and finally when I got out of my costume to go to bed we find them in a bag :/
Taylor looked cute in her MF Power Ranger costume, when Andy got to the house we took her to my aunt and uncles house in town and then went to Nanny's. Most of the trick or treaters were gone by then. I think most of them started at 5 and were done by 6:30. Crazy. I remember going until like 9 when I was little. I guess it was a school night though.

I get my schedule Friday and then I have to make an appointment with the kidney doctor because I have an infection that will not go away, even though I'm constantly on antibotics for it. Ugh......

On the bright side it's 11 months till our wedding day and 1 month 3 weeks and 2 days until Christmas! I can't wait to start shopping and wrapping gifts :)

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I'm sick, my nose goes from stopped up to running. I slept all day. Me and Andy had a fight. I hate crying. I think thats what made me sick on my stomach. Today has just sucked huge hairy balls.

This weekend was both good and bad. Again I hate crying and fighting. I felt like crap because I made us miss the festival in Radford saturday. We ended up going with my parents to the rental place in Roanoke for tents and crap for the wedding. Arrived in a horrible mood, left in a better one but still felt bad. Got prices on everything so we can compare and choose. We went to eat at Denny's. My parents had never ate there and we keep telling them how good it is, well they loved it! Joey, Mandy and Melody came in the middle of dinner and we all talked and they got desert, they had just traded their Saturn for a new suv. Melody was so excited. She kept showing us "her new car" haha It was cute. She told me to buckle up so she could go to the mall and buy dora stuff. They decided to do our pictures Sunday after all so we planned on coming over that evening to met at the duck pond and get them done. Left Denny's and went to the mall. Mom and Dad met up with us at Old Navy. I got two new tops, a blue long sleeve one and a white vneck. Got some ideas for Andy's xmas presents hehe. He was taking pictures of the stuff I said I liked with his camera phone so he wouldn't forget awwe. I went down a size, I tried on some pants in old navy in the size I usually get that is kind of tight well I put them on and they were all saggy in the butt/thigh area and around the waist! YAY. Of course they didn't have the next size down so I could get them, but oh well that made me happy. We looked everywhere for toy guns for my costume but no such luck. Apparently kids don't play with guns anymore!?! I don't know, it's odd. I always saw them everywhere until I needed them. I suppose I will get them on eBay along with everything else. Andy decided we should go see a movie so we went and got tickets for Employee of the Month and waited around until it started. We got awesome seats but as always everyone has to sit right around us! AHHHH. Just like a parking lot, you park away from the other two cars there and then random cars come in and park right next to you. The movie was halarious, his friend told him it wasn't funny. I don't know what he was smoking. Sure Jessica Simpson can not act but if you look past that it's a good movie. The only reason she got the part anyway is because her dad was a producer on it. We had nachos and they were great! Went to Wal-mart and found the pumpkins that I want for centerpieces, however I didn't get any. Stupid, yes. Hopefully they will still have them when I head back over there. On the way home we stopped at the pretty green Wal-mart where we always find the good deals and I found the Marilyn Monroe shirt I liked in my size that they hadn't had at the previous store. I was happy and it was cheap :)
Got home and fell asleep. Sunday we slept forever. Got up and played Kingdom Hearts for hours. Went bike riding with Taylor and then came back and mom fixed dinner. Continued playing Kingdom Hearts until 3:30am and finally we got burnt out and went to bed. However we are at the end of times so it will be over soon and then on to number two YES!!!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to set my alarm to wake up early and get stuff done. seriously.

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Master Shake
I've found some great pictures of Lady cosplayers so I can make the costume. Now only if I could get my lazy butt in gear and go shopping for the materials. Maybe next week... Andy's sleeping awwe. He sounded so tired when he called.

I found this on and I really love it. Why must it be an insane 44 bucks!?! It's a halloween costume but I think it's a cute dress. Who needs halloween to wear that? Might be adding that to the xmas list.

And omg I want kids to dress up like this!!!!

If I see any kid dressed as that on halloween I will squeel and wish I had a digital camera.

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May we have a moment of silence for the Olympus Stylus 300. It passed away a week ago and it hasn't been the same without it. I feel lost, I took it everywhere. WHY MUST IT BREAK!!! Gah. It survived for much longer than I expected though. I dropped it many a time since it first arrived and popped the slider off. Finally it succomed to the usual slider breakage that seems to be usual for the model. It was a good camera though, may it RIP and hopefully be of use to someone one day who needs spare parts so it's memory may live on. So I'm looking on tiger direct for digicam/camcorders because my mom is getting Andy and I one as a joint xmas present and I'm so confused. There are so many kinds and I have no idea which is the best and we want a really nice one to have for years to come, or atleast until I break it. Knowing me I will drop it upon getting it. Clumsy me!

I started back on Kingdom Hearts, I'm finally determined to beat it, with Andy's help hehe. Then I can move on to the 2nd one which he is dying to start but I keep complaining because I don't want to see it until I beat the first one haha.

Thursday Mallory and I are going walking and Saturday is Highland Festival in Radford! YES! Can't wait for that. It was lots of fun last year.

She's a brick houuuuse.
Andy called me on lunch today and told me to pull up a listing for a house in Roanoke. It's cute as a button and quite big. He saw it posted on the board at work and the lady works there or something so he is going to email her and set up an appointment to go look at it. I have to get information on the First Time Home Buyers loan. We probably will have to go and actually talk to the lady at the bank though. I woke up with a stabbing pain on top of my head like I had fallen on it. Took an excedrin and it finally subsided. Day 4 of the Carnation meal replacement get healthy for the wedding plan, I prefer not to call it a diet because I hate diets and want to be healthy not skinny. It's working great so far. I'm rarely hungry, it fills me up and I can go hours and then when I do get hungry I don't eat alot. I like this. Andy bought him a box and took it home so he would have some there. Saturday was Melody's birthday party, she turned 3 yesterday but since it was a weekday they celebrated it on the weekend. We left early Saturday morning because we thought the party was at 2 and we planned to run in toysrus and then head to the church for the party. Well my mom calls and says they are just on there way to the house and I was like well aren't you all going to be late for the party? And she said it wasn't until 4. SO we spend more time in toysrus having fun looking at everything. I fell in love with all the new little mermaid stuff they have out. They have the little mermaid kitchen, the little mermaid vanity and the little mermaid table and chairs! I hope they still have that stuff around when we have kids or I will just have to search ebay until I find it haha. We went to the mall after that and walked around forever, went in a few stores and looked at halloween stuff. Spent almost an hour in yankee candle smelling everything. Then we got hungry so we ate at Sbarros. Left the mall and headed to the church. We were of course late even though we started the day out bright and early haha. Not too late though just like 20 mins. They had just started eating. She had a Dora Taco party. Glad I ate that pizza. She had on the cutest little outfit! I will definitly post pictures once I upload them. I ate lots of cupcakes, Sams cupcakes are the best things ever. Melody had frosting everywhere it was precious. She opened all of her presents and they had a Dora pin'ata for the kiddies where you pull strings to get the candy to fall out her butt instead of the dangerous busting it open with a stick. Very smart. They also played pin the tail on the donkey but most kids didnt want the blindfold on. It was sooo cute, Melody didnt put it on and walks up to the donkey and puts it way up in the corner lol. After the party we started home, we both got super tied so we had to stop at the gas station and take a nap, finally made it home and went straight to bed. Sunday we got up and went to the Reinasance faire in Salem. We met Joey, Mandy and Melody over there. It was so much fun! I wish I had charged my camera so I could have taken pictures. We got to see the greyhounds run and play, one looked just like my penny! She would have loved to play with them but they didn't allow dogs *humph*. Mandy, her friend, her friends husband, her friends dad, Andy and myself all got picked to join in the pikemen training. We all got "pikes" wooden sticks and learned how to hold them, stand, attack, etc. It was funny watching everyone in the line. The guy instructing made fun of my ability to not hold the pike directly under my chin. Well excuse me for being a weakling. Joey took all kinds of pictures. Ate some nachos and andy got a sausage, his sause blew off his plate onto the sleeve of my wonderwoman shirt :( Darn wind. Melody thought it was halarious as did everyone else heheh. I wanted a circlet but they were WAY too expensive exspecially since I had just found some online the week before for like 10 bucks that were even prettier. Watched the belly dancers, felt fat. Saw one of Andy's old girlfriends she didnt talk to us though. Joey, Mandy and melody left and went home so me and Andy went and got some food at Dennys. Our waiter gave me a free salad. Andy said it's because of the red hair and ghetto booty.
Went to Joey's afterwards to drop off the wedding flowers and hang out. We played with Melody and ate cupcakes. Joey showed us pictures of Santillane they had taken and I tried to show Mandy how to do layers in Photoshop but apparently I was tired because I had forgotten EVERYTHING. I couldn't even cut anything out right *shakes head*
After we left we went to Wal-mart to pick up some milk and more carnation breakfast and then headed back home. Monday sucked butt as mondays always do. And now I'm counting down the days until I see him again ♥
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HAHA. I've wanted one forever but was sad because I didn't go to college so I couldn't sign up. Now they let anyone on YIPPEE. Andy suprised me by sending me a friends request, I was like what the heck? I can't join. But I CAN AND DID. I'm so lame. This made my night/sigh.
My stomach isn't feeling so hot still and I think I might be running a fever.... eh at least I have facebook to occupy my time.

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Still no job or apartment/house. I have a kidney infection, it hurts really flippin' bad. Andy had to leave for work :(
He told me last night his mom asked him why we didnt just stay engaged for a while before we got married, I was under the impression she was happy for us. He said he thinks its because they can't afford a wedding right now but that can't be it because the bride's parents are the ones who pay for it. Me and Andy are helping but its mainly my parents doing it. She seemed happy for us at our engagement party, talking about my dress and stuff. I told her I wanted her to go with me so I could try it on and we could look at stuff for the wedding and she was excited. Maybe she was just having a bad day. I don't know but it made me feel bad when he told me that. *shrugs*
In other news, we rented V for Vendetta and Lucky Number Slevin sunday. Both were WONDERFUL. Now I need them on dvd. I usually hate josh hartnett with a passion but he was actually really good in it and of course Morgan Freeman was in it and he is the best ever.
We went to the sizzler and ate with my parents, john and ashly. It was good stuff. They had macncheese finally!
Andy went home monday after work and forgot his phone so he came back last night and stayed. The one day he is without his phone some pipe on the interstate flips up under his car and wraps itsself around wires and starts sparking everywhere. He pulled over to try to get it loose and it was hot so he burnt his hand and two police cars went by as he was sitting there!!! Stupid assholes, If he had been holding a beer they would have pulled the fuck over. He ended up digging a trench under the pipe and jacking his car up to wiggle it out somehow. Hopefully his cars okay, I'm sure it will be.
Okay now I'm sleepy. So Im going to take a shower and wake up. Ta-ta.

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Today was not good. I felt like crap so I slept most of it. Andy wanted me to call these apartment people and I didn't. I feel like a waste. I for sure need to get out of the house and find a job tomorrow and a place for us to live. Screw being phone nervous.

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My neck has been bothering me all day. The muscle around my collarbones is all in a knot :( I must have slept weird. I went back to bed at 12 something thismorning because it hurt so bad and I was hoping it would go away, well I laid down and my back started killing me too. Went to sleep and didn't wake up until 7. Mom had the bakery fax over menus for the reception. Great prices but we still need to check with some other places to compare. They said they could basically do and copy any cake we liked, to bring in pictures.

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Master Shake
BOLD (or put an x by, whichever) the toys you owned.

1. Hula Hoop
2. Barbie (Like 5 gazillion and I still have every one of them)
4. G.I. Joe<br>5. Mr. Potato(Lets not forget Mrs. Potato
6. Monopoly
7. Star Wars Figure
8. Yo-Yo
9. Slinky
10. Wiffle Ball & Bat
11. Play Doh
12. Radio Flyer
13. Snoopy Sno Cone Machine
14. Bike
15. Match Box/Hot Wheels
16. Etch-A-Sketch
17. Rock'em Sock'em
18. Scrabble
19. Easy Bake Oven
21. Nintendo
22. Teddy Bear
23. Nerf
24. Water Guns
25. Lite Brite
26. Lionel Trains
27. Silly Putty
28. Crayola Crayons
29. Cabbage Patch Kids
30. Battleship
31. Twister
32. Shrinky Dinks (OMG I love these!)
33. Ninja Turtles
34. Connect Four
35. Tonka Toys
36. Strawberry Shortcake
37. Mattel Classic Football
38. Pogo Stick
39. Tea Set
40. Big Wheel
41. Transformers
42. Jump Rope
43. See & Say
44. Raggedy Ann
45. Frisbee
46. Hungry Hungry Hippos
47. Evel Knievel
48. Little People
49. Clue
50. Gameboy
51. Lincoln Logs
52. Speak & Spell
53. He-Man
54. View Master
55. Mouse Trap
56. Barrel O' Monkeys
57. Stretch Armstrong
58. Madlibs
59. Simon
60. Tickle Me Elmo
61. Operation(I hated this game, scurry)
62. Life
63. Rubik's Cube
64. Roller Skates
65. Jig Saw Puzzle
66. Risk
67. Tinker Toys
68. Smurfs
69. Slip & Slide
70. Candy Land
71. Walkie Talkies
72. Color Forms
73. Rainbow Brite
74. Erector Set
75. Weeble Wobbles
76. Balsa Wood Airplanes
77. Stickers
78. Army Men
79. Trivial Pursuit
80. Baby Alive
81. Wooly Willie
82. Little Golden Books
83. Memory
84. Gumby
85. My Little Pony
86. Ouija Boards
87. Dominos
88. Care Bears
89. BB Guns
90. Model Sets
91. Uno
92. Remote Control Cars
93. Sea Monkeys
94. Laser Tag
95. Chutes & Ladders
96. Pong
97. Spirograph
98. D&D
99. Thumbalina
100. Magic 8 Ball

Yup. I was a spoiled brat haha. Alot of the stuff was my brothers but I played with it.


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